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In the year 1957 John Lennon with his school mate Pete Shotton established a skiffle band Quarry Men and in the same year Paul McCartney put together the Quarry Men, thanks to their mutual friend. After several months George Harrison got close to John and Paul and shortly after that joined the Quarry Men. In 1960 John's school fellow Stuart Sutcliffe joined the band and upon winning a contest for drummer Pete Best joined them to form Beatals, Silver Beetles or Silver Beats. And they took the road on their first engagement to Hamburg, already as The Beatles. Finally in the year 1962 they recorded their first demos for Decca Records, however then they signed a contract with EMI. In the meantime Stuart Sutcliffe died and also Pete Best left the band being fired. In his place came a better drummer with name of Ringo Starr. The first album Please Please Me was published in 1963 following successful singles Love Me Do and Please Please Me. The Beatlemania could start. The band released many singles, 12 albums, starred in some more or less successful movies, they were decorated with MBE order, they have done with live concerts (for the last time in 1966). In the year 1970 the band broke up due to disagreement in personal, business and musical questions. Each from the members continued a solo career. In the nineties came the project The Beatles Anthology, apparently from commercial reasons because of a wave of the regenerated interest in the band. Unfortunately already without John, which was murdered in 1980 by a crackpot in front of his New York flat. Thus two songs were also released, whereon worked John and recorded them on his tape-recorder and on which is possible to hear him ("Real Love" and "Free As A Bird").

Books in Czech:

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    Gottfried Schmiedel, Bratislava 1988

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    Steve Turner, Praha 1999

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