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Welcome to my personal pages. I have prepared all the pages for you on the site vovsikj.webz.cz. I hope you like them. If you want to write a message for me do it. Pages are optimized for 800x600 resolution and they have been tested by Netscape 4.5 and IExplorer 5.0 browsers. And now a little information about me if you are interested in:
First name Jaroslav
Surname Vovsík
Degree Ing. (MSc. equivalent)
Birth Day 14.1.1974
Place Benešov
District Benešov
Nationality Czech
Marital status single
Vital statistics Height 190 cm
Weight 80 kg
Measurements 96-76-96 cm-cm-cm
Hair color brown
Eyes color green-brown
Occupation 1980-1981Elementary school, Jiráskova street, Benešov
1981-1984Elementary school, Dukelská street, Benešov
1984-1988Elementary school, Jiráskova street, Benešov
1988-1992High school, Gymnázium Benešov
1992-1997University, Institute of chemical technology, Prague, Faculty of chemical engineering, speciality Automated control systems for chemical and food industry, diploma thesis "Explaining in expert systems for control of biotechnology processes"
1997-2000Postgraduate study, Institute of chemical technology, Prague, Department of computing and control engineering, speciality Technical cybernetics, Phd thesis "Control of biotechnology processes using artificial intelligence paradigms"
2000-2003Institute of chemical technology, Prague, Department of computing and control engineering, technical personnel
Interests Reading - especially science-fiction (see Sci-fi page)
Astronomy - observing stars and planets using binoculars, Moon and Sun eclipses
Bonsai - growing (see Bonsai page)
Computers - games, programming (see SOFTWARE PAGES)
Sports and games
- active: cycling (I have a mountain bike), volleyball (I have no possibility unfortunately now) and walking with Rudolf (see Rudolf's page)
- passive: football-soccer (see FIFA World Cups page) and other games (see The Four Leagues page) and Formula One racing

ICON Picture from high school [28 kB]
ICON Before my sister's high school ball [15 kB]
ICON At my sister's high school ball with her class mate [32 kB]
ICON My x-th birthday (x = number of chocolate bars) [42 kB]
ICON Zlenice castle, yclept Keep [49 kB]
ICON A trip to Zlenice castle - I am here [55 kB]
ICON A trip to Zlenice castle - no comment [54 kB]
ICON A trip to Zlenice castle - artistry [36 kB]
ICON Holidays in Bohemian Forest - Devil's Lake [8 kB]
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