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ICON  Rudolf's Page
I wanted so that my four-footed friend Rudolf had his own page on internet too. He, common non pedigree watch-dog living in a small village, will be virtually known to all the world. I have published such page in 1996 to his 9th birthday under name Dog page, on which I listed several links to pet (dogs and cats) pages in Czech Republic and I shown his photographs. Monochrome pictures are my own production and color pictures are from my sister. Since everybody in the world could meet my the best friend.
A lot of water has flown under the bridges since the creation of the Dog page and Rudolf is gone after short malign disease in May 1999, when he was 12 years old. In memory of Rudolf, I have renamed this page to Rudolf's page.

ICON Rudolf on the log [53 kB]
ICON Deep in thought [26 kB]
ICON Walking I [15 kB]
ICON Walking II [18 kB]
ICON Walking III [20 kB]
ICON Lonely [14 kB]
ICON Lost in wilderness 1 [23 kB]
ICON Lost in wilderness 2 [20 kB]
ICON It is the beginning... [14 kB]
ICON ...and that is the end [21 kB]
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