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ICON  Science-fiction Page
I like reading, science-fiction books especially. Czech and foreign, except fantasy books and books based on a screenplay. Nevertheless I have read several books about magicians or Conans and I have enjoyed myself pretty.
I like the situations (in the books only naturally), from which there is no escape but the hero will find some possibility after all. Therefore I do not forget a short story of Czech author Josef Pecinovský, which name is LASSO. I read it in the Czech sci-fi magazine Ikarie, but today it can be found in the authors selected stories too.
I have read most books of these authors perhaps:
  • Douglas Adams
    - unforgettable series of Hitchhikers.
  • Brian W. Aldiss
    - I like mostly the book NONSTOP.
  • G.-J. Arnaud
  • Isaac Asimov
    - excellent series about Foundation, except for the last Prelude to Foundation, but also the stories about robots.
  • Ray Bradbury
    - sci-fi classic.
  • Arthur C. Clark
    - Odyssey and Rama books.
  • P. J. Farmer
    - book series with Richard Burton from the other world.
  • Jean-Pierre Garen
    - Mark Stone - Captain of the Service for Supervision on primitive planet - book series about his adventures
  • Harry Harrison
    - splendid tales about steel rat and planets of Death
  • Johny Herbert
    - little horror novels about rats
  • Jiří Kulhánek
    - quadripartite bloody novel with time-space traveling and from that resultant headache time loops.
  • Eduard Martin
    - interesting short stories of the Czech author on subject: people and discoveries that change their lives.
  • John Morressy
    - novels about adventures of the magician Kedrigern - quite witty.
  • Frederick Pohl
    - books about the extra-terrestrial Heechee too.
  • Robert Silverberg
    - several stories, on which I like hopeless situations, into which he stands the hero.

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