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Band originally created in the year 1966 in the north-England town Bradford, Yorkshire. Singer Chris Norman, bass guitarist Alan Silson and guitarist Terry Uttley were the core of the band The Elizabethans, formerly Essence. In 1970 they changed the name to Kindness. After three years joined them the drummer Pete Spencer and future Smokie were complete. As Kindness they recorded several singles, but they did not make it into the charts. Not until year 1975, when they signed a contract with RAK Records (producers Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman) already as Smokey. Their song "If You Think You Know How To Love Me" became hit number three in great Britain. After next hit in Top Ten "Don't Play Your Rock'n'Roll To Me" and after releasing the first two albums they changed their name on Smokie because of the American black singer Smokey Robinson. To the end of the seventies years Smokie got into Top 20 many times and several times also into Top Ten. However in the eighties years, when they left their old producers and good luck went away as well. Upon the release of the album Midnight Delight in 1982 the band split up. In the year 1986 the band got together again, but without Chris Norman, who started a relatively successful solo career. In variable casting they are active up to the present day. Since then they published several new albums and compilations of their hits, the last album with the name Wild Horses in the year 1998.

Books in Czech:

  • Smokie aneb Hrají nám svůj rock'n'roll
    Jaroslav Císař, BB art, Praha 2000

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